How do you define changemaking and social innovation?

We view changemaking as an individual creating positive social change in the world. This can take place in a variety of sectors, including education, public policy, design, agriculture, technology, arts and culture. Social innovation is a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than present solutions and for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals. For a closer look, check out the video below by our friends at Social Innovation Generation.


Will I be working alone?

You will have other C-in-R’s to work with throughout the year and build community, but you will be spearheading your initiative individually. We will ensure you have a supportive community and advisory team to work with and guide you, but we expect you to lead your work independently and recruit the necessary individuals you need to help drive your project.


What is financially provided by the program?

We provide free housing and co-working membership during your year here. You will also receive membership for key training and programming such as Workshop and LCC. Each C-in-R will also receive a living stipend and project funds to implement and prototype your work (amounts to be announced pending a grant submission).


Am I expected to run and lead my own initiative or work with an existing group?

Either works for us. If you have specific questions – please write to us to chat more!


What is the ideal age applicant you are looking for?

We have no fixed age limits in mind for the program. We anticipate this call to action resonating mostly with folks aged 23 – 35 but are open to any age if they can show the desired skills and interest in the program. We are currently working to identify alternative accommodation for applicants if they have a small family and they don’t think they would fit well in the co.space. Feel free to make a note of this in your application.


What can I expect the programming to look like during my year as a Changemaker in Residence?

There will be lots of opportunities to grow and learn during your time as a C-in-R, including:

– Monthly meet-ups with the C-in-R group and program staff
– Coordinated check-in’s with local elders to advise on each project and theme area
– Monthly events and programming through Workshop and LCC
– Working alongside the New Leaf team as a Catalyst
– Leading your own workshops at the co.space to perfect a new skill or dive deeper into a subject you feel passionate about
– 3 Community Meet-ups and Forums throughout the year to introduce State College to your project and work

C-in-R’s will also be asked to help coordinate logistics at New Leaf and the co.space during their time in State College. These are opportunities to better plug-in and connect with local initiatives underway.


Do I have to be from the US?

Nope – we are encouraging applications from around the world!


What is the timeline for the program?

Applications are due April 3, 2015. Interviews will be held in April and selected individuals will be notified by May 6, 2015. The residency will begin August 17, 2015 and last until August 14, 2016.


What else?!

We will be updating this FAQ page as more folks reach out to us with questions. So please don’t hesitate to write to us at changemakerinresidence@gmail.com. Really, we love hearing from you!





  1. naumana   •   March 26, 2015   •   

    I think this is a wonderfully creative and definitely fruitful idea to offer such a space and incentive to creative change makers from world over. I am especially touched by the openness to people from world over. I have encouraged all likeminded to apply and try their luck. I am involved in change making in my own society and would love to see our young persons join and contribute to good work you have started.

    1. iamspud5   •   March 26, 2015   •   

      Thanks – we are excited to see everyone that applies!

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