We are on the hunt to fully fund a year of impact for the most driven social innovators...

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Dear World,

We are out to find the most creative, ambitious and entrepreneurial social innovators to come live, play and create in our community for FREE!
(yep, living expenses all covered)


Think of our town – State College, PA – as your sandbox to experiment within for one year to see what you can create.


You bring your ideas and drive, and we’ll provide the community to support you!




Sound exciting? Want to join us today?
Learn about the Pilot Program launching Jan 1st!

Tackling the Root Issue

The basic cost of living is one of the biggest barriers preventing young people from pursuing their dreams. Our goal is to eliminate that worry so that you can focus on the things that really matter. Beyond dedicated time to fully explore your social innovation for a year, as a Changemaker in Residence, you will receive:


Innovative Housing

Free housing at the co.space, the flagship home of a network of intentional communities for millennial changemakers. You will also receive a monthly living stipend.


Co-Working Membership

Free membership at New Leaf, an innovation hub for entrepreneurs, students and community members. You will also receive project funds to implement your work.


Mentors and Elders

Coaching from a panel of local leaders who have been pivotal to shaping the innovation ecosystem, and admission to local programs like Workshop and LCC.


Joining Our Ecosystem

If accepted, you will become a key part of the broader innovation ecosystem emerging in our town. We are constantly seeking out driven, creative young minds who can positively contribute to our community.


As a Changemaker in Residence, you will spearhead an initiative within one of the budding theme areas in State College, including:
(1) Education, (2) Food & Agriculture, (3) Design & Prototyping, (4) Justice & Sustainability, (5) Built Environment, (6) Arts & Culture.


We’ve been busy the past few years creating different building blocks to our ecosystem, but we know we still have a long way to go. Below are some of the pieces coming together to make State College a more creative, innovative and dynamic city.


























Get to Know State College

State College is a hidden gem in central Pennsylvania. As a college town with a population of 80,000 (half of which are students), we have many of the resources of a large city (bands, theatre, sports, etc.) but are surrounded by the intimacy and natural beauty of the region.

Nature Lover’s Paradise
Ranked the 5th best Adventure Town on the East Coast by National Geographic, State College is home to some of the top mountain biking, kayaking, sky diving and hiking trails all within minutes from downtown.


Happy in Happy Valley
Consistently ranked as one of the safest, least stressful and happiest places in the country, State College proudly donns the title Happy Valley. Ranked as the second smartest city in the country, the majority of our community is eager and excited to offer a supporting hand.

Everything Within a Few Blocks
Living in the downtown area, you have all the resources you need within a 5 block radius. Forget your car – we prefer to walk and bike in this town, so much so that we were ranked in the top 2% for bike-commuting small towns.


Conveniently Located
Located centrally between key metropolitan regions along the east coast, State College is easy to get to and from cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or DC. And we’re not bragging, but our airport takes a total of 5 minutes to check-in…

What’s Expected of You…

We believe that the more creators and trend-setters we can encourage to play in our community, the more others will want to move here.


So your one and only expectation is to create, create, create. Be a positive force for change that serves as a magnet for others to join you. Our mentors will help guide you as you create so that your work best fits into the existing ecosystem’s direction.


In the application, we ask that you identify what theme area you are most interested in contributing to. If you have a specific venture or initiative that you are passionate about bringing here and working on – awesome! Tell us about it. If you think you have the skills and characteristics we are looking for but want to join something ongoing – awesome! Tell us about it. In general, we are looking for people with the following skills…





EntrepreneurEntrepreneurially Minded
An obsessive dedication to creating, doing and rapid iteration. We want individuals with hard skills who don’t need to rely on others at all times.


StrategicStrategic Thinker

The ability to listen to numerous perspectives, distill the common needs, and prioritize what actions are needed.


CreativeWildly Creative

The innovators will be creating tangible change, and must therefore infuse a lot of creativity into their work.



Want to Join us for the Pilot Program?

Apply to be the very first Changemaker in Residence beginning January 2016.

Still Have Questions?

If you need more answers, visit our FAQ Page or contact us at changemakerinresidence@gmail.com